More Frequently Asked Questions

Why More Funding?

Taxes are already high enough. Why do we need more funding for schools? State revenue has not kept pace with the level of inflation. The district is in need of additional operating revenue to stop future budget reductions due to state funding failing to keep up with inflation for more than the last decade. In 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, the district cut approximately $450,000 in programming and staffing. Passage of question #1 raises the possibility of reversing some of these cuts.*

Why More Funding?

Why do we need more money for facilities when what we have is adequate?

* STEM: Technology, Engineering and Math programming, was not a focus 40 years ago

* Science rooms, agriculture and industrial tech areas were built to train for jobs that existed 60 years ago

* Lockers were designed pre-backpack era and are too narrow to accommodate students needs

* New Technologies with computers, Internet, iPads, laptops need more flexible learning spaces

* Teaching practices have changed—we’re not teaching memorization anymore but teaching creative thinking for jobs that don’t even exist yet

* New education practices require flexible learning spaces that allow for anything from small group collaboration to

lecture hall-style presentations

* These spaces begin training students in ways they will experience in college and in the workplace