2017 Taxes


The total request is less than $4 per month on an average $140,000 home, significantly less than the 2015 referendum.

Rates vary for residents, businesses, agricultural property, and seasonal recreational homes.

Also check www.ehlers-inc.com/custom/taxinformation/Chatfield/ for information about Minnesota Property Tax Refund and Deferral Programs:

A. Minnesota Homestead Credit Refund

B. Special Property Tax Refund

C. Deductibility of Property Taxes for State and Federal Income Taxes

Visit www.ehlers-inc.com/custom/taxinformation/Chatfield to find taxes for your property. For taxes on agricultural property call Ehlers at 1-800-552-1171 or email: mnschools@ehlers-inc.com


Q. What are the tax implications on agricultural landowners?

A.  It’s best not to try to estimate your property tax impact yourself because many factors determine the rate. For taxes on agricultural property call Ehlers at 1-800-552-1171 or email mailto:mnschools@ehlers-inc.com


Q. Who qualifies for property tax refunds or deferrals?

A.  Property owners who are senior citizens or low-income may qualify for substantial property tax refunds or deferrals. Consult your tax consultant. For more formation, go to: http://www.revenue.state.mn.us/propertytax/ . Under the General Information heading, click on Fact Sheets and then click on Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral.

Download the Referendum Booklet