What was the Process?

Q. What was the process?

A. We listened to you, our community.

1. 2014 objective: create a long-term financial and facility plan.

2. Strategic Planning Committee: During winter 2015, a planning committee made up of community members identified a number of “Bold Steps."

3. Facilities Task Force: A facilities task force was formed with parent and community member involvement, including meetings with staff and community listening sessions. The task force recommended addressing maintenance and 21st century educational needs. A plan was developed and the school board forwarded it to voters in fall 2015.

4. Community Surveys: After voters did not approve the 2015 bond questions, the district conducted two surveys which were mailed to the entire community, and then created a new plan based on the input. (35 percent and 22 percent respective response rates are the highest ever seen by our consultants)

The new plan is designed in response to the community’s wishes:

  • 78% of you were somewhat or very likely to support a referendum that includes funding for the high school’s long-term building maintenance.

  • 74% of you support updating science, Ag, and tech ed classrooms.

  • 70% support renovations to general education classrooms.

  • 64% support expanding and updating the kitchen and high school cafeteria/commons.

  • 59% support updates to the library/media center.

5. Unanimous Vote: The school board voted unanimously to seek voter approval of a redesigned facilities project on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Download the Referendum Booklet