Thank You

We appreciate your past support Last year, voters approved a much-needed operating levy increase. This levy helps pay for operational expenses such as utilities, transportation, teacher salaries, and successful academic programs that contribute to recent academic gains.


Q.  What is the 2016 total compared to the 2015 total?

A. The 2016 Bond request is reduced to $10.8 M vs $19.7 M in 2015.

 74% less tax impact due to a number of financial factors.
Here is what is different from the 2015 referendum:

  • Elimination of new gym ($4 million less)

  • New funding from the state ($2.7 million*)
    *Long-term Facilities Maintenance Revenue (LTFMR) with no new taxpayer money

  • Other project reductions ($1 million less)

  • Even better interest rates52-year low

  • Refinanced elementary bond; decreased high school project tax impact

    Download the Referendum Booklet