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What if the Levy Fails?
What if 1st Bond Fails?
What if 2nd Bond Fails?

A NO! Vote for Question #1: Operating Levy:

The district will need to make an additional $200,000 in cuts impacting class sizes, programming, staffing levels, and operations. With staff reductions, class sizes would increase from low 20’s to 30 at certain grade levels. There is potential for further reduction of the award-winning elementary Reading Research Program. There could be further reduction in classroom technology integration support and office staff support resulting in increased workload for remaining staff.

A NO! Vote for Question #2: $19.75 million Bond: 

Major maintenance issues will not go away – interior and exterior facility components will continue to age and deteriorate. Construction costs will continue to rise – project and maintenance needs will become more expensive over time. Chatfield will continue to have the most outdated high school of the schools that share a border with Rochester.


A NO! Vote for Question #3: $3 million Bond:  The roof updates not addressed in Question #2 and will become a major maintenance expense in the near future that will be difficult to support in the annual budget. There won’t be proper spectator seating for some events. Outdoor facilities will remain incomplete. Some athletic areas will continue to be seen as substandard compared to other area school facilities.