What If the Bond Fails?

Q. What if the bond fails to pass?

A. The needs at the high school are real and are not going away. Addressing the current maintenance/update needs will be more expensive in the future. These items will become progressively worse over time.  Construction costs will likely increase by 5-10% per year.  Also, as interest rates are now at historic lows, future bonding projects will most likely be more expensive to finance since it is probable that rates will start to swing back up toward historical averages.

Science, tech ed, and Ag classrooms will continue to fall short. Our science, technical education, and Ag instructional facilities will be lacking the current standards necessary to prepare students to be college and career ready and will be without modern safety features.

Chatfield will continue to lack flexible learning spaces. This limits our ability to be responsive to continually expanding learning needs of students.

The limited capacity of the cafeteria will continue to require 3 lunch tracks. This time consuming setup takes away about 25 minutes of instructional time every day from students in grades 9-12. This is the equivalent of about 11 days of school.

Internal and external demand for activity space won’t be addressed. The present use patterns of the Multi-Purpose Room won’t be able to be altered.

The aged and outdated high school will negatively impact our community. When schools are strong, communities thrive. If they are not, the community including businesses, real estate, neighborhoods, etc. are negatively impacted. Competition is fierce in areas of growth and Chatfield's location to Rochester makes it a prime area for prospective new families (and new businesses). 

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