What All is Included?

Q. What is included?

A. Here is a detailed list of what work will be done (the bond referendum does not include Long Term Facility Maintenance which will be paid for by state funds)

Chatfield High School


Classroom Upgrades and Additions -  $6.0 M (bond)

  • New Applied Technical Education Classroom

  • New Agri. Science Classroom

  • New Applied Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Classroom

  • Two remodeled Science Classrooms & Storage.

  • Remodeled Flex Rooms

  • Remodeled Media Center

  • Remodeled Large Group Room

  • Remodeled Adaptive Phys. Ed., Occ. Therapy & Wrestling space

  • Remodeled Phys. Ed Health & Fitness Classroom space

  • Remodeled High School Gym


Long-Term Facility Maintenance -  $2.7 M (state funds)

  • Updated All General Classrooms Including Art, Guidance, Computer, FACS & Special Ed Casework, Ceilings, Lighting, Flooring, Painting

  • Remodeled Boys Locker Room

  • Remodeled East Toilet

  • Roofing Areas A, B and C

  • Exterior Brick Replacement and Tuck Pointing

  • Window Replacement

  • Hall Locker Replacement

  • Interior Door Replacement

  • Exterior Door Replacement

  • Classroom Whiteboards

  • Elementary School Parking Lot Drainage

  • HS Boiler Refurbishment


Interior Remodeling -  $2.7 M (bond)

  • Remodeled Kitchen and Equipment

  • Remodeled Commons

  • Remodel School Entry Vestibule

  • Stage Demolition and Relocated Visitor Locker Room/Storage

  • Remodeled Circulation/Corridors


Exterior Remodeling -  $0.8 M (bond)

  • Front Entry Canopy

  • Exterior Wall Surfaces

  • Transformer Screening

  • Flag Poles

  • Digital Signage


Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment -  $1.0 M (bond)


Finance and Legal Costs -  $0.3 M (bond)

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