Community Survey

The survey said 78% support long-term building maintenance funding for our aging high school.

Long Term Facility Maintenance

If voters approve the 2016 Bond Referendum, Chatfield Public Schools will also complete Long-Term Facility Maintenance on the items below.


In summer 2015, the Minnesota Legislature approved a new funding source for school districts so facility maintenance needs could be completed. Only “like-for-like” replacement is allowed – any upgrades must be voter approved.


Approximately $2.7 million of work would be done in conjunction with work paid for by the bond levy to take advantage of economies of scale as contractors would already be on site.


If the referendum is not approved, the school board would reevaluate how to spend a portion of this funding source. Remember, the items below are not part of the referendum and are planned long-term maintenance paid for by state funding.


Long Term Facility Maintenance Items:


  • Update all general classrooms including Art, Guidance, Computer, FACS & Special Ed cabinetry, ceilings, lighting, flooring, painting. These areas are all original from 1958, are past their useful lifespan, and in need of a facelift.


“The whole way of bringing
education to the kids has changed, but the building hasn’t very much.”

Paul Novotny, Business Owner

  • Remodel the Boys’ Locker Room, which is original from 1958, and its plumbing is failing. The area is not welcoming, and needs to be reorganized for more efficient use of space. The girls’ locker room was updated in 2008.


  • Remodel the East Unisex Toilet to make it handicapped accessible.


  • Re-roof accounting for two-thirds of the building. The roofs in these areas are all nearly 30 years old and past their useful life.


  • Replace old, worn windows, hall lockers, interior and exterior doors, and perform exterior brick replacement and tuck pointing.


  • Replace chalkboards with whiteboards in classrooms without them to complement smart boards.


  • Address Elementary School parking lot drainage which has runoff and refreeze issues in winter.


  • Perform maintenance on the high school heating system boiler.