Community Survey

The survey said 64% support Kitchen and Cafeteria/Commons updates.

Interior Upgrades

Approximately 25% of the referendum would be dedicated to upgrading interior spaces other than high school classrooms. Details are below.


Remodeled Kitchen and Equipment

The kitchen is undersized, making food prep challenging in cramped quarters, and one of our freezers in inconveniently and inefficiently located outside. The size of the kitchen and commons only allows for one serving line. This increases the time it takes to serve lunch. We currently need three lunch groups which eats into classroom time. The kitchen remodeling plan would allow for two serving lines, which will add 20-25 minutes of teaching time per day, or 11 days of classroom instruction annually.


Remodeled Commons

The commons area is small and crowded. We would like to expand the commons area so it better serves as a support area for gym activities, and provides a better, more efficient event entry point. It will also become a flexible academic learning space and it will provide more room for student lunch groups. Remodeling the kitchen and commons requires relocation of storage and the visitors’ locker room. The stage in the gym will be removed to provide space for these.


Remodel School Entry Vestibule

The high school entry vestibule is dark and unwelcoming. It will be redesigned to make it less nondescript and more functional. And we’ll spruce it up with lighting and paint.


Remodeled Circulation/Corridors

Paint, lighting and ceilings have required piecemeal maintenance over time. We’ll replace any inconsistent lighting and ceiling tiles and put a fresh coat of paint on to give the corridors a facelift. Corridor lockers will be replaced with larger more functional lockers.

Download the Referendum Booklet

"Our investment would keep Chatfield High School a viable part of the community, addressing aging and inefficient spaces. For example the inefficient kitchen and overcrowded cafeteria causes students to lose valuable academic time - the equivalent of 11 school days every year are spent on lunch - that time could be put back in the classroom."

Randy Paulson, Principal Chatfield High School

Chatfield’s High School Principal, Randy Paulson and the High School Leadership Team have great plans for those approximately 11 days of school that will be gained with the remodel of the kitchen/cafeteria/commons.

Currently grades 11 and 12 have the first lunch hour while grades 9 and 10 have study hall and vice versa. The new, more efficient plan would have grades 9-12 together for lunch. This would allow an academic focus of time in place of study hall. This new focus would be a time for academic teams to meet and practice and individualize academic assistance available for all students. Math league, Knowledge Bowl, Speech Team, Ag Mechanics Team, Parliamentary Procedure Team, Rube Goldberg Team, and special Choir and Band programs  are some of the main groups that could meet on a regular basis.