Community Survey

​​“There are lots of houses in our community older than 1958, but the ones that are most desired are the ones that have been updated.”

Lanny Isensee, School Board member, business owner, and parent


Exterior Upgrades

Approximately 7% of the referendum would be dedicated to upgrading the exterior of the high school. Details are below.

Front Entry

The entry is not aesthetically suitable to a large building – in fact, it’s hard to tell it’s the main entrance. The canopy is old, rusty and unappealing, and the large electrical transformer is unsightly. We’d replace the canopy and screen off the electrical transformer.


Exterior Wall Surfaces

Brick replacement and tuckpointing is necessary throughout the exterior of the building. We can avoid this work and enhance the attractiveness of the building by applying wall panels to some of the building’s exterior.


Signage and Flag Poles

Community members have asked for proper display of flags, and we’d like to put a changeable marquee sign near the entrance to communicate daily announcements and publicize events.

Download the Referendum Booklet