Community Survey

The survey said 74% support
Science, Ag,& Tech Ed
classroom updates for the high school while 70% support General Classroom renovations.

Classroom Upgrades

Approximately 56% of the referendum would be dedicated to upgrading high school classrooms.

What is the need behind the 3 new classrooms for Tech, Ag, and STEM?

Existing rooms are dated and not large enough for new equipment such as 3D printers and robotic welders. Three new classrooms will be built for Applied Technical Education, Agri-Science, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, allowing for a modern science and technology curriculum. (See PPT done by tech teachers with visuals of new equipment.)


Why do we need to remodel science rooms?

The existing science lab rooms are dated and small. Original lab areas are part of the 1958 building and have dated safety equipment and layouts. Remodeled classrooms would have updated chemical showers, fume hoods, and other safety equipment. The labs would be laid out so that teachers’ sight lines would not be obscured.


Why does the Media Center Need Upgrading?

The current media center (library) isn’t large enough and doesn’t allow for flexibility in instruction. In addition, students need better access to resources that extend beyond books. A renovation would convert the media center to a more flexible space, creating a learning environment that is similar to what students will encounter in real-life work environments and post-secondary education.


What do you mean by Flexible Space?

Teaching methods today require daily change between individual work to small groups to classroom size groups. Some classroom space needs to be flexible to accommodate different styles of teaching. This can include modular furniture and robust technology resources that can be rearranged for various room setups. “30 desks and a single point of instruction does not work anymore,” says Ed Harris, superintendent.


What is the need for the large group room?

Behind the media center is large room containing 80 desks. The space is not open or flexible – it’s one-dimensional and sterile. We’d like to convert it to an extension of the media center, and make it flexible and more useful. It would be a large lecture hall, meeting space, lab space or even small performance space. It would have updated technology and would be geared toward community use.


Remodeled Adaptive Physical Education, Occupational Therapy & Wrestling Classroom space

With tech ed relocating, the old tech ed space would be used for these three purposes. It is a larger room which would have mats installed for adaptive physical education and occupational therapy during the day. After school it would be used by the wrestling program, which would open up the multipurpose room for other activities.


Remodeled Physical Education, Health, & Fitness Classroom spaces

This classroom contains strength training equipment and its current location is too small and is disruptive to nearby classrooms. We would relocate the equipment to a larger room that is away from classrooms, and is near an external entry for easy student and public access. It’s used throughout the school day.


Remodeled High School Gym

The floor is old. Acoustics are poor. Lighting needs an upgrade. The stage is rarely used. And there’s a domino effect as the kitchen and commons remodeling requires relocation of storage and the visitors’ locker room.


The plan is to remove the stage to make way for storage and locker room, resurface the floor, replace worn out bleachers, center curtain, batting cage, and basket mechanics, improve acoustics and performance lighting, and paint.

Download the Referendum Booklet

“Walking by a classroom,
remembering I was here 25 years ago and to see that it basically looks the same when I was here is a little disheartening.”


Mike Tuohy, business owner and parent