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Why Now?

Portions of our high school are nearly 60 years old. Deferred maintenance and modernization needs have been identified, interest and construction costs are still low, and investing today will deliver future operational savings.

What if the Levy Fails?
What if the Bonds Fail?

The district will need to make an additional $200,000 in cuts on top of the $450,000 already made in 2014 - 2016 impacting class sizes, programming, staffing levels, and operations.
With staff reductions, class sizes would increase from low 20’s to 30 at certain grade levels. Staff would be limited to the amount of attention they can provide individual students.
There is potential for further reduction of the award-winning elementary Reading Research Program. The district could lose the ground it has gained in reading success.
There could be further reduction in classroom technology integration support and office staff support resulting in increased workload for remaining staff.

Major Maintenance issues will not go away – interior and exterior facility components will continue to age and deteriorate. The district doesn’t have funds to go beyond routine maintenance to fix these problems in a timely manner. We will patch and mend as best we can but at somepoint we will be overrun with facility needs that are too expensive to address without the supportof the community.
Construction costs will continue to rise – these critical project and maintenance needs will become more expensive over time.
Chatfield has the most outdated high school within the immediate Rochester area. Facilities and educational environments influence parents when they choose where to enroll their kids.
Aging facilities can negatively impact the quality of the learning environment and the educational program overall.
New resident growth could be lost to other districts with more competitive facilities and programs.


Join us for an open house and guided tour to learn more about the three referendum questions and proposed building upgrades: September 21 and October 19 at 6 PM.

Can I See the Plans?