Facility Needs

Two-thirds of our high school is nearly 60 years old and is need of maintenance and learning improvements. Teaching and learning environments around the building do not support the current types of curriculums and spaces required to meet the needs of our kids.

“Our Ag program is growing.
We’ve received over $20,000 in grants to buy equipment,
to improve labs and make sure everything is current for technology and for 21st century skills, but we have a space need.”

Stacy Fritz, Agri-Science Teacher, FFA Advisor, and parent


This election is focused on academics and long-term maintenance based on input from community.

The bond addresses remodeling and updates for out-dated classrooms as well as long-term maintenance needs. These investments will ensure that our high school remains a viable community asset long into the future. The pie chart shows specifically where the funding goes.

Download the Referendum Booklet