How will the Extra Time be Used?

Q. The referendum asks for a remodel of the inefficient kitchen and undersized cafeteria/commons area. This space constraint takes up 20-25 minutes of teaching time per day, or 11 days of classroom instruction annually. How will the extra time gained from the more efficient kitchen area be used?

A. The High School Leadership Team along with Principal Randy Paulson have great plans for those 11 days of school that will be gained.

Currently grades 11 and 12 have the first lunch hour while grades 9 and 10 have study hall and vice versa.


The new, more efficient plan would have grades 9-12 together for lunch. This would allow an academic focus of time in place of study hall. This new focus would be a time for academic teams to meet and practice and individualize academic assistance available for all students. Math league, Knowledge Bowl, Speech Team, Ag Mechanics Team, Parliamentary Procedure Team, Rube Goldberg Team, and special Choir and Band programs are some of the main groups that could meet on a regular basis.

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