From the Superintendent

Dear Chatfield district residents~


I suppose some of you don’t know who I am, but many who do would probably say that I am passionate about the success of the students at Chatfield Public Schools. Not only am I a father of two girls in the District, but as the Superintendent of Schools I care about every student and I know the same is true for every teacher and staff member that works here. We care about kids and we believe their success makes for a stronger community.

Part of helping kids be successful is providing an environment that is conducive to learning. After last year's bond referendum was not approved, we sought community input, and we designed a new plan that includes the maintenance and updates that were prioritized by the community, and we did it at a lower cost. The cost of the project to taxpayers would be less than $4 per month for a home valued at $140,000. This is significantly less than last year’s proposal due to (1) new money from the state of Minnesota for long-term maintenance projects (2) interest rates that have gone from good to great and (3) reduction in project scope.

More information will be posted to this website over the next days and weeks. Please make an informed decision and vote on Nov. 8.

~ Ed Harris