Community Survey

The district surveyed the community twice since the 2015 election.

* We appreciate your feedback and have designed a new plan that provides the maintenance and facility updates prioritized by the community. Community members will vote on the new plan in a one-question referendum

Nov. 8. This new plan meets many of the needs identified by the community facilities task force in 2015 at a much lower cost.

This bond addresses remodeling and updates

for out-dated classrooms as well as long-term

maintenance needs. These investments will

ensure that our high school remains a viable

community asset long into the future.



When Schools are Strong, Communities Thrive

When they are not, the community - including businesses, real estate values, neighborhoods, etc. - is negatively impacted. Competition for good schools is fierce in areas of growth and Chatfield’s location to Rochester makes it a prime area for prospective new families (and businesses) if its schools and other amenities are comparable

to the surrounding area.

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